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Top 5 Classic Vehicles You Can Make Yours For Under $5,000

Some gearheads may have extra five figures sitting in the bank waiting for that old Porsche or Corvette they’ve always coveted to go up for sale, but this is just applicable to the lucky few. Well, if not all of us, definitely some of us have to deal with their kid’s tuition, rent, hefty student loans etc. The list is endless. We certainly don’t have the figures to spare, and this can make it hard especially if you’re a car person and you like to do your weekend runs in style. Well, don’t worry. Even though the classic vehicle market seems to appreciate every single day, it still has some usable, interesting classics to offer with very affordable prices.

Below is a list of these great options:

5. 1975-1981 Triumph TR7

Average condition #3 value for $4,200

In its era, several ads extolled the “brash, slashing wedge” body shape of the Triumph TR7 as an example of greater things that were to hit the market. Whatever these ads were talking about, clearly never happened as the TR7 represented the last sports car to come from Triumph. This machine made some headlines during its time, straight from its tartan seats and stylish doorstop-like wedge to the bin engineering parts and British Leyland’s bristling quality control in the 1970s. With years of getting featured in the “bad joke” car list and making its way into many not-so-good lists, the TR7 has stayed cheap and neglected. However, people are still not doing away with the “great things to come” edge as it still wears this title to some point. The recent years have seen the prices slightly increase but it still remains one of the most pocket-friendly sports cars to have ever come from Britain with the now price not being that far off from the original pricing of $4,995 forty years ago.

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