Most hikes go to a mountain top, a lake or a viewpoint. Those hikes are great, but sometimes you want something different. Something a little unusual. Something off-the-beaten path. Or even something even a little bit weird. Well don’t worry: I got you! I’ve got a list of 15 unusual hikes near Vancouver. These hikes are definitely not ordinary. They visit abandoned places, take in a bit of history, let you see some wildlife and visit some enormous trees. I can guarantee you that each of them has an interesting destination. If you’re sick of the same old hikes you’ve seen on social media, try one of these instead.

Hike Through Abandoned Train Tunnels

The Othello Tunnels near Hope were an engineering marvel when they first opened to railway traffic in 1914. And even though they aren’t used for trains anymore, they’re still pretty damn cool. The tunnels are part of the old Kettle Valley Railway. In order to pass through the twisty canyon of the Coquihalla river, 5 tunnels and two bridges were built to keep the train heading straight.

Today you can walk right through since they are part of Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park. It’s a 3.5km round trip hike to hike through the tunnels and back again. The flat railway grade makes for an easy hike, but you might want flashlights for the tunnel portions. And heads up (literally): the tunnels are closed in the winter to protect hikers from falling rock and ice.

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