The rarest cars in the world each have a story. These unique cars add to the incredible history of the automotive industry and fuel the dreams of car lovers everywhere. These super rare cars aren’t just hard to find; some are among the most expensive cars in the world! Find out more about the interesting stories behind these 10 rare cars and how they’ve contributed to the history of the auto industry.

10. 1957 JAGUAR XKSS


1957 Jaguar XKSS

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One of the most sought out classic Jags, only 16 of the 1957 Jaguar XKSS were ever made. While the first on our list, due to the comparatively larger number of cars produced, this by no means indicates a lesser value or cost. These rare classic cars were first sold in the 50s and went for about $5,000. Now, of course, we know that today it is worth far more than its original price in 1957. As of 2014, the estimated value of the Jaguar XKSS owned by Steve McQueen’s is$30 million. So, while there may have been a larger amount made, it is possibly one of the most rare expensive cars as well for now. With recent news that Jaguar is producing nine more XKSS’s it is possible the estimated value of the XKSS might go down.

The story behind the making of the XKSS begins with the iconic Jaguar D-Type. Faced with a problem of what to do with the remaining 29 unsold D-Types back in the 50s, Jaguar went forward with the idea of transforming the Jaguar D-Types into road going sports cars. The D-Type was relatively easy to modify into a XKSS and it only took three days to complete the first prototype. One of the many features of the D-Type that remained was the 3.4 liter racing engine with 250 bhp.

The already small production of the XKSS became even smaller after a fire broke out in the factory in 1957, destroying the remaining XKSS’s in production at James Lane; and therefore, only 16 were ever made.

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