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Though Slow, These 10 Classic Cars Are Still A Blast To Drive

Driving fun can mean something other than a four second 0-60. Here’s a collection of 10 cars that are enjoyable to drive despite not being very powerful.

What people sometimes fail to recognize is that older sports and performance cars have less sophisticated suspensions and narrower, higher-profile tire sizes. The result is that the limit of adhesion, that point just before the car goes sliding off the turn, is at a much lower speed than a modern car. The result is that you can drive the car much closer to its limits on a daily basis, often not even having to exceed a posted speed limit.

Further, a lack of power requires the driver to maintain the car’s momentum around the turn and not just coast through and mash the accelerator at the turn’s exit.

1967 – 1969 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia

While the Karmann-Ghia made its debut in 1955, our pick is the 1500 models built from 1967 through 1969, as they retained the small bumpers, offered-up a well-appointed interior and were powered by the responsive 1500 cc 53 hp engine. Four inches wider, three inches longer and seven inches lower than comparable Volkswagen Type 1 Sedans, the Karmann-Ghia actually weighed more than the Beetle. But that’s besides the point. The bodies were virtually hand built, the suspensions upgraded, and a short-throw shifter installed for a much more enjoyable driving experience than the standard Type 1, despite the Ghia’s gut-wrenching 27 second 0-60 times.

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