There are quite a few precautions classic car owners should take to protect their investments and keep their cars in tip-top shape.

When it comes to owning a beautiful classic car, most owners like to see their investment washed weekly to remove all surface grime, dust or even chemicals from the roads that can deposit on the paint and ruin the lustrous shine. Washing away these impurities can help save the paint on the car before it is seriously damaged.

There are, however, quite a few precautions that classic car owners should take to ensure that they utilize the proper tools for overall carwash safety as well as procedures for keeping their classics looking their best without any scratching or marks that can occasionally be found when cars are washed improperly with the wrong materials.

Timing the wash of a classic car

For most vehicles, especially those driven on a daily basis, a weekly wash is going to be normal. Classic cars do not typically fall under the normal standards that are set for modern motor vehicles and if you store your classic or keep it under a tarp or in a garage, a weekly wash may not be necessary. While a great number of classics are stored or garaged, there are also quite a few that are driven heavily and will need to be washed frequently just as any other vehicle.

If you take your classic car to several car shows or events, locally or across the country, it will need to be washed whether you drive it or have it shipped on a professional auto carrier. There are quite a few contaminants in the atmosphere that can cause damage to paint on a car and no matter how one is traveling, these foul substances can, and do come into contact with cars. Bugs are one of the worst when it comes to damaging paint and other surface areas of a car as they not only cause grime to build up when they slam into a car but they can cause paint damaging scratches and even corrosion on the car.

No matter what substance has caused dirt, grease, grime or other marks to be on the car, letting them stay on without a proper washing can really ruin a good paint job and cause the value of a car to rapidly drop. To ensure that this does not happen, it is always a great idea to make sure a wash is scheduled weekly to get the car clean.

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