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Packing Your Pack for a Three-Day Adventure

Checklist for a three-day backpacking trip


If you’re worried about the CIA spying on you through your smart TV and your Internet provider selling your private search history to the highest bidder, there’s only one thing to do: leave technology behind and disappear into the wilderness. Get off the grid, pack your pack, and be invisible to spying eyes, even if it’s just for a three-day backpacking trip.

You need a backpack!!
Let’s get the obvious items on your three-day backpacking checklist out of the way, shall we? You’re going to need a backpack on your backpacking trip.

Otherwise, you’re not so much backpacking as you are walking around. Going for a walk is great, but if you’re going to be gone for a few days, we recommend a backpack. And a tent. And a sleeping bag. Oh, and three days’ worth of food.

Always know where you’re going
It’s true, we’ve got a lot of fun gadgets and accessories, but we recommend that you leave the batteries and the GPS behind. Keep it old school with a map, a compass, and a watch. We’ve gotten too used to using the Internet to tell us what to do and how to do it; having to use your head is a welcome change of pace.

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