Mini Superleggera Vision Takes The Classic Mini Vehicle 2322

Mini Superleggera Vision Takes The Classic Mini Vehicle To The Sporty Category

While the classic Mini design has not been through any major changes overtime, it did go through a lot of updates since its official release in the late ’50s. Its popularity was not altered at all though. It does maintain the classic appearance, yet the round lines make it look quite modern. It is simply a traditional European car. With all these, the manufacturer has decided to take it to the next level. The new Mini Superleggera Vision concept gives the funky small car an amazing appearance. It is sporty, elegant and aggressive, yet it still keeps some of the old fashioned elements that made Mini so popular overtime. The concept was introduced at the Salon Privé motor show from the fall of 2014.


Aside from the slightly old fashioned designs, Mini has actually come up with a few different concepts overtime. For example, 2013 brought in three major concepts – two camping cars and a pickup vehicle. The new Mini Superleggera Vision model is different though. It is longer than the traditional Mini, but it is also very lightweight.

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