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Lily Shreds top 7 pieces of gear for adventure dogs

Whether or not you are planning your next adventure with your pooch, or looking for some great gift ideas for your best furry friend, Lily has you covered with her top picks for dog gear.

Lily is adventurous dog. Like us, a lot of gear out there has been created to help us go farther, longer and protect. There is some great gear out there for dogs that live the mountain life. Gear that helps them keep up with us every step we take out of doors.

No. 1

The Powder Hound Coat

This is the single most important piece of gear in Lily’s gear closet. Being a little short haired dog living in a mountainous climate, it gets cold and snowy. Lily does not have much natural insulation, and keeping a Jack Russell cooped up inside for an entire winter is out of the question. Every pillow in our house would be shredded to bits. The Powder Hound keeps Lily going in the cold and the snow. I often use layers with her as well by putting the Climate Changer on and then the Powder Hound over it on really cold days.



Web Masterā„¢ Harness

Having a harness for your dog is invaluable. This harness helps me manage Lily in so many ways. From carrying her while wading across heavy river currents fly fishing, to strapping her onto my backpack riding bikes, to lowering her down class 4 scrambles in slot canyons. A harness like the web master makes it all too easy. Even for big dogs, it will help you help your dog to negotiate gnarly terrain. If you are getting into some really serious terrain and need to lower or raise your dog down some major rock faces look at the Doublebackā„¢ Harness it is rated for climbing type situations and has metal buckles.

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