Road Cyclists Can Use Off-Road Riding to Get Stronger

How Road Cyclists Can Use Off-Road Riding to Get Stronger


Dirt trails and singletrack have more varied terrain than paved roads. Short, steep rises and obstacles require explosive power bursts to ride without losing momentum.

Singletrack with rocks, roots, switchbacks and other obstacles demand repeated power bursts and highly fluctuating pedaling forces.

This is the same type of power required to wind up a sprint, accelerate out of a corner, or close a gap in a road race.


Dirt has less traction than pavement. Dust, mud and roots are all conditions encountered off road with low traction characteristics. Riding on these slippery surfaces requires precise timing and application of pedaling forces to keep your tires hooked up and your bike moving forward.

This is a powerful stimulus for improve pedaling skills! Learning how to lay down an explosive power burst while maintaining traction will optimize acceleration and improve a road racer’s efficiency.

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