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Hiking Trails In Europe: 10 Of The Best For Your Summer Bucket List

2. Hiking In The Evergreen Forest Of The Black Forest, Germany

Covering 160km in length, the Black Forest in southwest Germany is an evergreen kingdom home to picturesque trails, pretty villages, Germany’s highest waterfall, cuckoo clocks, and of course, a delicious cake.

Editors Note: Pretty much all the ingredients to make it one of the best hiking destinations in Europe.

I began my discovery of this mysterious forest in the market town of Freudenstadt. From the market square I joined Talstrasse which led me past the river Forbach and onto a forest trail. I carried no map with me and instead followed the signs along the easy gravel-pathed/forest trail, making a random choice when there was more than one option.

As I began descending downwards past a waterfall, I began to wonder where I was. Then a glistening light in the distance caught my eye. Following the trail further, I emerged from the forest to find a dazzling lake in front of me.

Its name was Sankenbachsee (as seen above) and it welcomed dogs, sunbathers and plenty of ducks. Bathed in the afternoon sunlight, the whole area had an aroma of tranquility to it.

Upon finding this lake, I felt surprised, lucky, and fulfilled. The experience showed that you can find something amazing by following your feet instead of a map. It’s roughly 8km to get to the lake from Freudenstadt, so bring a book, a picnic and your swimsuit and make a day of it!

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