Expert Biker Explains How To Find Good Cheap Mountain Bikes

Expert Biker Explains How To Find Good Cheap Mountain Bikes

Now this is an article I was born to write. Finding a good cheap mountain bike is one of my personal strengths.

I firmly believe that within reason nothing, not even a tight budget, should hold anyone back from getting their hands on a really good cheap mountain bike. The world is full of great options for buying one that doesn’t cost the earth. From brand new to second hand, it’s not that hard to find a really good bike for less than you think it might.

But let’s get one thing straight right away. I don’t know If I’m down with the ‘Expert’ label my editor has sprung on me here. But I am experienced, I have been biking for a long time. I do know what I’m talking about, and I want to use that knowledge to help you get your hands on a really good mountain bike that doesn’t cost the earth.

But hey, look, we’ve all been there. Remember that. Everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone at one time didn’t know how to ride a bike. I wish someone could have pointed out some of the tips below before I bought my first bike.

Define Cheap. Define Good: Define budget
What you need out of a mountain bike is a sturdy reliable frame, good, durable suspension, and strong wheels and rubber.

What we’re after here in this guide is how to go about finding a good cheap mountain bike. So we have to look at what categorizes ‘cheap,’ and what categorizes ‘good.’

When looking for a mountain bike there’s a couple of mental jumps you have to make.

The first thing you have to do before anything else is figure out how much you want to spend, and how much you realistically have available.

Once you know the $$$ range you have available to you, it narrows down the selection process by about 80%. How much money you have to spend is really going to be the deciding factor. Yes it would be lovely if we all had the money to buy a bike that cost the same as a small car, but for most of us that just isn’t going to happen.

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