Best Sports Cars for the Money

Manufacturers have always used performance vehicles as a way of casting a glow on their brand. Even Henry Ford himself raced to prove that his cars could perform. Today, sports cars continue to inspire designers and engineers to push the boundaries of performance.

A sports car is engineered to be fun to drive fast. Roadsters, coupes, sedans and even crossover vehicles deserve consideration. We know a sports car when we drive one—it’s the one that puts a big grin across our mugs, and begs to be driven more. And although some of the cars on our list are pricey, we believe that each of these sports cars are full of value for the money – relative to the price range you’re currently shopping.

2016 BMW M2: $51,700

BMW treats their “M” lineup like racecars you can drive every day. The M2 is the point of entry for M, and it’s a beautiful compact coupe with great balance, crisp steering, impressive power-to-weight ratio (the real secret to a fast car), and a blistering 4.1 second time from a stop to 60 mph. While the M3 has been the icon for BMW performance, many drivers are discovering that the smaller, lighter M2 fulfills all of their desires—for at least $10,000 less, making it a great sports car for the money.

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