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A Legendary Shelby gets an Ecoboost Upgrade

It’s a rare thing to be able to obtain something that you consider to be a work of art. Automotive enthusiasts, given a reasonable amount of money, can obtain something that they have dreamt about for ages. The same cannot be said for those who love fine art or architecture. Sure, they could buy a print of a masterpiece that hangs in a museum or style their home after their favorite style, but the artist’s hand is not involved.

Excluding some multi-million dollar supercars and classics, the world of cars is much more welcoming. In this world, there are some legends that are just too rare and beautiful to alter. This presents a problem to those of us who want to take classics and drive them like Steve McQueen. Even if the car was built by a handful of guys in Michigan, and several of those guys were named Bob or Hank, it is still a work of art. Take, for example, the Shelby Mustang. The original GT350 and GT500 are the stuff of legends.

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