Absolutely Worst Muscle Cars 253

7 Of The Absolutely Worst Muscle Cars Ever Built

’60s muscle cars were so evocative their image and names remain in use. But for a time the names were affixed to pathetic, embarrassing examples. Click Next to view the 7:

1982 Pontiac Trans Am

The third-generation Pontiac Firebird was a major step up from the previous design, which dated back to the 1970 model. And without the Superchicekn on the hood , the design appeared very clear and dare I say futuristic. So much so that a 1982 Trans Am was selected for the David Hasleoff series as his partner in Knight Rider as KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand).

Unfortunately, what was under the hood didn’t quite match up to the exterior. In fact, for 1982 the Firebird’s standard engine was the 2.5-liter 90-hp Iron Duke four-cylinder. At least the four-banger in the upcoming Camaro produces 275 hp. There was a V-8 option, but the Chevy “Cross-Fire Injected” 5.0 L V-8 was available paired only with an automatic, and produced a pathetic 165 hp – the same output per displacement as a lawn mower engine.

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