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$300.000 Brabus 700 G63 AMG With A Golden Air Intake Is Something To Admire

It is yellow, ostentatious, flamboyant, almost ghastly in some sense, but it is also different and that is what counts apparently. Its color is striking. Mercedes-Benz calls it Solarbeam and we have seen it before on mighty creations like the Mercedes-AMG GT S. It may be that this is Mercedes-AMG exclusive color. However, it is one thing to see a small, perfectly executed piece of design that the AMG GT is painted in this color, but totally different to see a 1970s off-roader in the same livery. Mercedes-AMG and Brabus certainly pulled it off as this thing, as glittery as it may be, somehow looks good.

Actually, if the G500 4×42 could pull off that flashy green than this thing can give yellow a go. Nevertheless, the paint choice is only a small piece of the puzzle called the Brabus 700. The car in itself is a representation of Brabus engineering brilliance. Although they had a number of ghastly cars over the years, the guys from Bottrop proved more than once that their creations can often be considered pieces of art. This is not one of those, but it certainly has the flair and character that proper Brabus works get.

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