26 Things Girls Like From Men to Feel Special & Loved

26 Things Girls Like From Men to Feel Special & Loved

Knowing how to make a girl happy is beyond useful for men, but without knowing the things girls like to hear, that’s a lot harder. Here’s what to say.

They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach but for women, it’s through making her feel special. That’s really the main thing you have to remember with girls. If you want her to like you, make her feel unique and special to you by telling her things girls like to hear.

Obviously, you can’t just string together a bunch of phrases in the hopes that it’ll get her attention. There’s more to it than that. You have to be genuine and you truly have to like the girl in order to say things she likes to hear. If you don’t, she’ll pick up on it.

Mistakes that drive girls away from you

We all make mistakes. When it comes to winning a girl over, those mistakes can permanently affect your chances. If you’re someone who only gives girls compliments based on her looks, that’s a mistake. She’ll see right through you and won’t want you.

You have to appeal to her as more than just someone who wants her body. If you talk to her with the only goal of getting her in bed, that’s a mistake and it won’t work. Girls are smarter than that and we know when a guy just wants a piece of ass

Things girls like to hear in order to feel special

You need to make her feel unique to you. She has to feel like you’re only interested in her and nobody else. Sometimes saying a few specific things can help her see just how you truly feel. Here are some of the things girls like to hear that can help you communicate your feelings.

1 Compliments about her intelligence. 

As much as girls like to be told they’re pretty, calling her smart is a much more effective way to make her feel good. If she’s beautiful, she’s probably always complimented on her looks. But what about her brains?

Just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she’s not smart. If you know her and want to make her feel incredible, tell her you like the way she thinks. Tell her you love how smart she is and how she thinks things through. It’ll mean more to her than you know.

2 Compliments about her creativity.

 Aside from just being smart, girls love to be told they’re creative. It’s not a compliment people usually give and that’s why it’s one of the things girls like to hear. They don’t hear it often so it means more.

This is even more powerful when used during a time she’s actually being creative. So if she just painted something or made a bracelet or something that involves creativity, just tell her she’s very creative. It’ll make her day.

3 Anything about how she’s “one-of-a-kind.” 

All girls want to hear that they’re not like others. And while we already know we’re unique because there’s no one else like us, we still want to hear it from our men.

So make sure to remind her that you like her because she’s not like other girls. She’s better. She makes you happier than anyone else because she’s one-of-a-kind.

4 Unique things about her looks.

You definitely can tell a girl she’s attractive. However, the way you say this can make a major difference in how she hears it. Instead of telling her she has pretty eyes, focus on describing why you like them.

Saying that they’re such an interesting shade of blue with little lines of green will make her feel a lot more special than saying, “your eyes are really cute.” It makes her feel like you’re paying extra attention – and that makes her feel loved and special to you.

5 Anything unrequited. 

Don’t make compliments something that you only give if you receive. You shouldn’t say something because you want her to give you a compliment in return.

She’ll notice this and it’s not as meaningful then. If you just tell her something sweet out of nowhere, without any want for something yourself, it’ll be more special to her.

6 Your honest feelings

Girls love when their men tell them how they feel. I know, you probably aren’t thrilled about this one but it does work. She wants your feelings. She wants you to tell her how you really feel about her and for you to get vulnerable.

So open up. If you care about her and you want her to know how special she is and how much you love her, then let her see how you truly feel. Don’t keep that stuff inside or she’ll start to think you don’t truly care.

7 Your excitement for the future – with her

A lot of this has to do with reassuring her that you want her in your future. That means she wants to hear you get excited about the future with her.

You don’t have to tell her you want to get married by any means. All you have to do is just mention something you’re excited to do with her in the future. It can be a month from now or a year from now. No matter how soon it is, she’ll be happy to hear that you want her there.

8 That she’s changed your life for the better in some way

One of the things girls like to hear most is how different and better your life is because she’s in it. It might seem cheesy but it really means a lot if you’re genuine about it.

It’s not like she’s trying to change your life but by telling her it’s better because of her, it makes her extremely happy. It makes her feel like she has a purpose in your life. That will ensure she feels special and loved.

9 When you ask for her opinion

You probably do this enough as is, but just be aware that girls love when you ask for their opinions. They want to provide you with something and by giving her that opportunity through advice, it’ll make her really happy.

10 Anything about your friends liking her 

I know this seems odd but girls really want to hear that your friends like her. Us ladies know how important your friends are to you.

We want to make sure they like us so they don’t end up convincing you to end things. If your friends really do like her, just let her know. It’ll make her happier than you think it will – even if she doesn’t show it.

11 Beauty compliments when she’s not done up

It’s one thing to tell a girl you think she’s beautiful when she’s done her hair, makeup, and dressed up all nice for you. It’s completely different when you tell her how much you appreciate her looks when she’s makeup-free and in sweats.

By doing this, you’re saying you like her as is. She doesn’t need the extra stuff to be attractive to you. Many girls often worry about this so telling her will reassure her of how much you enjoy her naturally.

12 Anything good about her laugh and smile

I know this is a weird one but girls really like being told they have a cute laugh or that their smile makes you weak in the knees. It’s a very small thing that makes a big difference to her – especially if her laugh is a little loud and obnoxious. If you think it’s adorable, just tell her.

14 easy ways to make a girl feel special and loved

If you think the woman in your life is the most wonderful person you’ve ever known, and you know you’d do anything for her, show her how much she means to you by taking the time to do some of the little things on this list. Trust me when I say that your efforts won’t go unnoticed, and they will be well worth it!

1 Don’t hesitate to tell her how great she looks or smells

Don’t just assume she knows you find her attractive. Tell her how great you think she looks or smells, especially if you know she’s taken extra pains to do so. Everyone loves to be complimented, and she likes to make you happy, so make it a point to let her know that you appreciate her efforts.

2 Randomly leave love notes for her to find

Women love surprises, and finding a heart-felt love note unexpectedly is a fabulous way to surprise her. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out pouring of emotion. Just a sticky note with a few words of love scrawled across it and placed inside her coat pocket will do. When she finds it, she’ll brag to her friends and co-workers about what a wonderful partner she has.

3 Remember the names of her friends

One of your jobs in a relationship is to listen when your partner talks. It can be hard to do, especially when the things she talks about don’t involve you directly. However, remembering her friends’ names instead of referring to them in ways like “the one with the big nose” lets her know that you listen when she speaks.

4 Pick up after yourself

If you’re in a relationship, the caveman mentality will not fly. She isn’t your maid, either. There are three scenarios here that may apply:

a. You live in your own place. If she visits, she’ll like that you keep it clean.

b. You live together. She’ll really appreciate you doing your share to keep the place clean.

c. She lives in her own place. If you spend time there, it is extremely important that you pick up after yourself and leave it the way you found it. This alone could make or break the relationship.

It’s simple, really. Clean up after yourself, no matter the situation, and she’ll really appreciate it.

5 Share your feelings

I know it’s hard, especially if you’re a man. Men are not known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves. However, she’s not a mind reader, so if you really want to get on her good side, let her know how you’re feeling once in a while. She’ll like that you are comfortable enough with her to open up.

6 Send her texts

If you don’t know how to text mush, learn. Texts are an easy way to surprise her randomly throughout the day with words of love and affection. The beauty of texting is that if you’re a little shy about expressing yourself, you can do so over text message and no one can hear you! You can have a private conversation with your beloved that no one else can overhear. Sending her a text out of the blue lets her know you think about her while you’re apart.

7 Don’t use guilt trips to get what you want

Pressuring your woman into doing something she doesn’t want to do never turns out well. She may eventually give in and do what you want, but she will resent you just a little bit because of it. It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue is, don’t guilt her into doing it.

8 Let her control the TV remote for a change

You might not give two shakes about who’s sleeping with who on her favorite show, but she does. You’ll score points if you let her choose what to watch on TV once in a while. Actually sit down and watch with her, and you’ll score major points and maybe even get to pick the next movie you two see.

9 Give her a massage with no strings attached

Whether she’s had a hard day or not, massaging her neck and shoulders is a great way to help her relax. You’re probably thinking, “Why would I need to be reminded to touch my partner?” but think about it. When was the last time you massaged her shoulders without suggesting it go further? Yeah, I thought so. Do it. She’ll appreciate the non-sexual gesture.

10 Get her something, too

If you’re running into the convenience store to grab a cup of coffee, get one for her too. Getting up to get something to drink or eat? Be sure to bring something back for her too. She may not have actively wanted anything, but she’ll love your thoughtfulness.

11 Just listen

When a woman vents, she simply wants you to listen. She’s not looking for answers or advice. She just wants you to attempt to understand her point of view and to offer support. Just listen and be there for her as she figures things out for herself.

12 Kiss her in public

You might not think PDAs are cool, but most women love it when others see that their significant other loves them. If you haven’t kissed your lady in public in quite some time, do it now. Stop wherever you are, take her face in your hands, look into her eyes, and plant one on her in front of everyone. Show her and the world how proud you are that she’s in your life.

13 Use the manners your mama taught you

Despite all the equality mumbo-jumbo going around these days, women still love the old-fashioned treatment. Open doors for her, pull out her chair, and let her order first at a restaurant. These little things show that you respect her.

14 Go shopping with her

I’ll never understand why guys find it so hard to go shopping with their women, especially when they aren’t doing anything anyway. If you’re not busy and she wants to go to the mall, go with her. Help her pick out clothes that look great on her and offer to carry her bags. Just don’t complain while on the shopping trip – behave like you want to be there and you might be surprised with her appreciation later on.

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