Tips To Look Like A Beginner On Your Mountain Bike

21 Tips To Look Like A Beginner On Your Mountain Bike

Don’t wear underwear with cycling shorts.

You might think that’s disgusting and unhygienic, but your undercarriage will thank you. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but your boxers won’t curl up and chafe, and that all important panty line will be nonexistent, and you also won’t look like you’ve wrapped a towel up in your crotch area.


You wear Cotton shirts.

Look, cotton is great for when you’re not seriously working out on a trail, but it can really hold you back when you are. Cotton clothing will leave you soaked from sweat, and if it suddenly gets cold because the sun disappeared behind a cloud, you could catch a chill, cause an injury or get hypothermia. I shit you not.

That’s why you should wear mtb appropriate clothing. Proper sports clothing will wick moisture away from your body, and you’ll also not smell so bad, and you’ll be warmer and dry off quicker as well… Some of them even come with zipped pockets. Hurrah.

Carry the right accessories.

Lose any mirrors, and any more than 2 water bottles is not a good look. Oh and remove the child carrier you normally have strapped to the back of your bike. Baskets and panniers should also be considered verboten. Other riders will look at you like you have a death wish.


You pedal like you’re an elephant especially when you’re stating off or you start ascending and have to stop 10
feet up your climb.

Don’t panic, it’s not you. Actually it is. You’re in too high a gear, and you’re going to burn out real fast or just give up. Either option works.

Shift down a gear or two. Cycling is all about efficiency. Cadence is again key, even on the uphill. Each pedal stroke is supposed to be part of a greater rhythmical constant movement. RPM is key. Pedaling too fast and pedaling too slow have been proven to cause injury. FACT.

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