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15 of the best places to mountain bike around the world

Finale Ligure, Italy

Another great spot in Italy for bike riding is the Mediterranean resort of Finale Ligure. This location is one of the best known riding locations on this list and deserves its spot among the best. Getting there is about as easy as getting to the French Alps. There are a multitude of trails nestled along the rolling hills that are located near the coast.

Fort Collins, Colorado

Located in Colorado’s Northern Front Range, there are many mountain bike trails that offer a great deal of enjoyment for everyone, whether one is an expert or a beginner. There is an entrance fee required at the Lory State Park. Here you will find three biking areas; a dirt jump area, a pump area, and a skills area. These areas support both beginners and experts and everything in between. There is a more challenging skills area located in the Spring Canyon Park; this area is not for the beginner.

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