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15 of the best places to mountain bike around the world

Lake Garda, Italy

For those who enjoy bike riding, Lake Garda, may well be one of the best places to enjoy your ride. You will find over 1000 km of trails that are well marked for all abilities. Whether you are just a beginner and want to take it easy on your outing, or you are more experienced with a higher level of commitment you will find trails for your enjoyment. As you savor your complete freedom, you will see unparalleled scenery in all of its natural beauty. Lake Garda is guaranteed to leave all enthusiasts with an experience that is unforgettable.

Mustang, Nepal

With the breathtaking Himalayas as your background, here you will enjoy single trails that flow, incredible down hills, and cross-country routes for you to experience. In the shadows of Annapurna, you will find Mustang, where they still maintain traditional Tibetan culture. You will find a small airport at Jomson, however the closest large airport is located at Kathmandu. This is where, with the help of guides, you will start your journey.

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