Extreme Boutique Carmaker’s Revamps Better Than the Originals 2311

15 Extreme Boutique Carmaker’s Revamps Better Than the Originals

Hennessey Performance 25th Anniversary VelociRaptor 700 Supercharged Ford Truck

Based on: Ford F-150
Hennessey Performance is such a prominent performance house that any introduction is redundant. We could have gone with pretty much everything they’ve built thus far, but we’ve decided to go with one of their 25th anniversary vehicles. We’ve already covered the HPE800 Ford Mustang, so the choice fell on the VelociRaptor 700 Supercharged Ford F-150 Pick-Up Truck. This 704-horsepower beast is powered by the 2.9L supercharged system and F-150’s standard V8 engine. Apart from that and unique decals, VelociRaptor boasts 20-inch custom wheels, front and rear bumper upgrades, and special street and off-road tire packages among other things. Only 25 models will be built, and they’ll certainly cost more than $73,500 which was the price of the VelociRaptor 600.

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