10 Midwest mountain bike trails that will shred you

Blue River Park Trails

BuRP is what we call it but the trails in and around Minor Park that run along the Blue River are some of the best constructed trail systems the Kansas City area has to offer. You can ride flowy single track, technical rock, river side bluffs and even a new and in the works downhill/enduro jump and berm playground. If you get too big for your britches on some of the rock drops you might need a new pair of skivvies, but it’s still a damn good time.


In close proximity to Vista, Womble is another IMBA epic ride and is considered one of the best trails in the midwest as well as a destination trail for riders coming in from other parts of the country. Over 35 miles of trail featuring every type of terrain and feature you can expect, and the beauty of the Ozarks. It will feed your need for all day riding, but as the IMBA write up says, don’t feed the bears.

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