10 Midwest mountain bike trails that will shred you

When is a bike ride more than just a casual pedal around town? There are options, but the best ones involve dirt, rocks, jumps, beer, blood and some pain all mixed together. Technically, a paved walking trail is a trail, but we are in search of single track dirt. There are little tastes all over the place, but these 10 trails are all destination-worthy, either on their own or as part of a group. Pack the cooler and your helmet and go shred some dirt.

Landahl Park

Landahl is located about 40 minutes east of Kansas City, but it provides a full day of riding for those who want it, so it is well worth the trip. Beginners can find something to do too, but the technical stuff, as well as the sphincter clinching dirt jump play area, are for people who know what they’re doing or don’t mind finding out the hard way. Either way, it’s worth trip as long as you pack some beer.

Swope Park

Swope is a gem packed right into the middle of Kansas City, Missouri. There is a dedicated downhill run, and miles
of trails that are all interconnected so the directions and routes you can ride mean you’ll never get stuck in the revolving door ride where it feels like you are riding the same thing over and over. Although some flowy single track is definitely beginner appropriate, there are trails that rival some of the most technical stuff you will find anywhere. If you truly want to enter the pain cave, try 8 Pin, named for the number of pins that had to be inserted in the ankle of one of the guys who built it after he found out the hard way that he isn’t Superman.

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