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10 Incredible Barn Finds Every Mustang Fan Dreams of

Barn finds are synonymous with rusty and dusty old cars that haven’t seen the light of day for decades, and if that rusty bucket happens to be a muscle car – the better. It’s even better if it turns out that hypothetical rusty bucket is actually in solid condition and doesn’t need much more than a good wash in order to look like new. Well, these deals rarely come by, but they still happen on occasion. Mustang Monthly covers most of these barn finds and here we’ll bring you 10 of the rarest such deals

It’s incredible what happens to roll out of countless barns scattered across the country. Of course, not all of these Mustangs were found in barns – some have been hiding in garages, back yards, and who knows where else. Barn Finds, however, works best as the term itself means more than just some random antique piece covered in dust popping out of nowhere. Barns have this nostalgic Midwestern undertone which reminds us of great many things. Like open-top Mustang on late summer road surrounded by golden cornfields for as long as the eye can see, for instance. But I digress. Click next in order to find more about these impressive barn finds.

1964-1/2 Mustang Convertible

This one was found by Brian and Steve Nicklas in their uncle’s barn in northwest Alabama. At first, the car lacked most of the bodywork. Almost entire front end was stripped away. The hood was actually the only part of this Mustang’s front that was there, but even the hood itself wasn’t sixty four and a half’s – not to mention all the rust.

After countless checks had been written on account of the bodyshop that took the car under their wing, early Mustang was finally fully restored. Brothers nicknamed convertible “The Flying Squirrel” in order to honor the furry little rascal which sprang out of the trunk when they first opened it. The Flying Squirrel is returning on the initial investment since it’s already made a few movie appearances – most notably in 2007 film “Talk to Me” starred by Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

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