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10 Greatest Hikes in Canada

What are the Greatest Hiking Trails in Canada?

Take your cue from the crisp, fresh air–head outside and explore the beauty of Canada’s hiking trails. From quiet sojourns with nature to rugged mountainside adventures–Canada has a hike for all tastes and abilities. Here are the 10 best hikes in Canada.

Meewasin Valley Trail, Saskatchewan

Meewasin Valley sure lives up to its name. In Cree, Meewasin means ‘beautiful’, and this stunning area hugging the South Saskatchewan River offers picture-perfect autumn vistas. Ideal for urbanites craving a brush with nature, the Meewasin Valley Trail rambles through the city of Saskatoon. Along the 60 km path, hikers and leisurely walkers will encounter manicured parks, wild groves, expansive lookouts and historical landmarks. As fall’s hues of yellow, red and orange reshape the city’s landscape, the Meewasin Valley Trail brings nature’s beauty to Saskatoon’s doorstep.

Lake Louise Tea House Challenge, Alberta

Got a thirst for a six-hour autumn adventure in the Canadian Rockies? Hike 3.5 km uphill from Lake Louise through a lush forest of spruce and fir trees to Lake Agnes – named after Lady Agnes Macdonald, the second wife of Canadian prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. Upon your arrival, Lake Agnes Teahouse will tempt you with a warm tea and a scrumptious slice of pie. Catch your breath as you gaze upon the glorious waterfall cascading nearby. Continue your quest by climbing up the Big Beehive for jaw-dropping views of the Bow Valley and Lake Louise. Using the Highline trail, join the 5 km trek along the Plain of Six Glaciers trail and be mesmerized by Alberta’s soaring mountain peaks and the Victoria Glacier. Rest tired muscles and satisfy hunger pangs with a snack at the historic Plains of Six Glaciers Teahouse before completing the 5.5 km loop back to Lake Louise.

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